Luke 21

1Jesus saw some rich people putting their gifts for God into the temple money box. 2Then Jesus saw a poor widow. She put two small copper coins into the box. 3Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. This poor widow gave only two small coins. But she really gave more than all those rich people. 4The rich people have plenty; they gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor. But she gave all she had. And she needed that money to help her live.” 5Some of the followers were talking about the temple. They said, “This is a beautiful temple, built with the best stones. Look at the many good gifts that have been offered to God!” 6But Jesus said, “The time will come when all that you see here will be destroyed. Every stone ˻of these buildings˼ will be thrown down to the ground. Not one stone will be left on another!” 7Some followers asked Jesus, “Teacher, when will these things happen? What will show us that it is time for these things to happen?” 8Jesus said, “Be careful! Don’t be fooled. Many people will come using my name. They will say, 'I am ˻the Christ˼’ and, 'The right time has come!’ But don’t follow them. 9When you hear about wars and riots, don’t be afraid. These things must happen first. Then the end will come later.” 10Then Jesus said to them, “Nations will fight against other nations. Kingdoms will fight against other kingdoms. 11There will be great earthquakes, sicknesses, and other bad things in many places. In some places there will be no food for the people to eat. Terrible things will happen, and amazing things will come from heaven to warn people. 12”But before all these things happen, people will arrest you and do bad things to you. People will judge you in their synagogues and put you in jail. You will be forced to stand before kings and governors. People will do all these things to you because you follow me. 13But this will give you an opportunity to tell about me. 14Don’t worry about what you will say. 15I will give you the wisdom to say things that none of your enemies can answer. 16Even your parents, brothers, relatives, and friends will turn against you. They will kill some of you. 17All people will hate you because you follow me. 18But none of these things can really harm you. 19You will save yourselves by continuing strong in your faith through all these things. 20”You will see armies all around Jerusalem. Then you will know that the time for the destruction of Jerusalem has come. 21At that time, the people in Judea should run away to the mountains. The people in Jerusalem must leave quickly. If you are near the city, don’t go in! 22The prophets wrote many things about the time when God will punish his people. The time I am telling you about is the time when all these things must happen. 23At that time, it will be bad for women that are pregnant or have small babies. Why? Because very bad times will come to this land. God will be angry with these people ˻(the Jews)˼. 24Some of the people will be killed by soldiers. Other people will be made prisoners and taken to every country. The holy city of Jerusalem will be walked on by non-Jewish people until their time is finished. 25”Amazing things will happen with the sun, moon, and stars. The people on earth will feel trapped. The oceans will be upset, and the people will not know why. 26People will become afraid. They will be very worried about what will happen to the world. Everything in the sky will be changed. 27Then people will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and great glory. 28When these things begin to happen, don’t fear. Look up and be happy! Don’t worry. Be happy, because you know that the time when God will free you is near!” 29Then Jesus told this story: “Look at all the trees. The fig tree is a good example. 30When it becomes green ˻(grows buds)˼, you know that summer is near. 31It is the same with these things I told you would happen. When you see all these things happening, then you will know that God’s kingdom is coming very soon. 32”I tell you the truth. All these things will happen while people of this time are still living! 33The whole world, earth and sky, will be destroyed; but the words I have said will never be destroyed! 34”Be careful! Don’t spend your time drinking and getting drunk. Or don’t be too busy with worldly things. If you do that, you will not be able to think right. And then the end might come when you are not ready. 35It will come like a surprise to all people on earth. 36So be ready all the time. Pray that you will be strong enough to continue safely through all these things that will happen. And pray that you will be able to stand before the Son of Man.” 37During the day, Jesus taught the people in the temple area. At night he went out of the city and stayed all night on the Mount of Olives. 38Every morning all the people got up early to go listen to Jesus at the temple.

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