Micah 3

1Then I said, “Hear now, leaders of Jacob, and officers of the nation of Israel. You should know what justice is! 2But you hate good and love evil! You tear the skin off the people. You tear the flesh off their bones! 3You are destroying my people! You take their skin off them, and break their bones. You chop their bones up like ˻meat˼ to put in the pot! 4So, you might pray to the Lord, but he will not answer you. No, the Lord will hide his face from you. Why? Because you do evil things!” 5Some false prophets are telling lies to the Lord’s people. The Lord says this about those prophets: “These prophets are led by their stomachs! The prophets promise peace for people who give them food. But they promise war against people who won’t give them food. 6That is why it is like night for you. That is why you don’t have visions. You can’t see what will happen in the future, so it is like darkness to you. The sun has gone down on the prophets. They can’t see what will happen in the future, so it is like darkness to them. 7The seers are ashamed. The fortune tellers are embarrassed. They won’t say anything because God will not speak to them! 8But the Lord’s Spirit has filled me with power, goodness, and strength. Why? So I can tell Jacob about his crimes, and so I can tell Israel about his sins!” 9Leaders of Jacob and rulers of Israel, listen to me! You hate the right way of living! If something is straight, then you make it crooked! 10You build Zion by murdering people. You build Jerusalem by cheating people! 11The judges in Jerusalem accept bribes to help them decide who wins in court. The priests in Jerusalem must be paid before they will teach the people. People must pay the prophets before they will look into the future. And then those leaders expect the Lord to help them. They say, ”The Lord lives here with us. So nothing bad will happen to us.” 12˻Leaders,˼ because of you, Zion will be destroyed. It will become a plowed field. Jerusalem will become a pile of rocks. Temple Mount will be an empty hill overgrown with bushes.

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