Micah 4

1In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be on the highest of all mountains. It will be raised higher than the hills. There will be a steady stream of people going there. 2People from many nations will go there. They will say, “Come, let’s go up to the Lord’s mountain. Let’s go to the temple of the God of Jacob. Then God will teach us his way of living. And we will follow him.” The teachings from God —the Lord’s message— will begin in Jerusalem on Mount Zion and go out ˻to all the world˼. 3Then God will be a judge for the people of many nations. God will end the arguments for many people in faraway countries. Those people will stop using their weapons for fighting. They will make plows from their swords. And they will use their spears as tools for cutting plants. People will stop fighting other people. People will never again train for war. 4Each person will sit under his own grapevine and fig tree. No person will make ˻them˼ afraid! Why? Because the Lord All-Powerful said it would happen like that! 5All the people ˻from other nations˼ follow their own gods. But we will follow the Lord our God forever and ever! 6The Lord says, ”˻Jerusalem˼ was hurt and crippled. ˻Jerusalem˼ was thrown away. ˻Jerusalem˼ was hurt and punished. But I will bring her back ˻to me˼. 7The people of that 'crippled’ city will become the survivors. The people of that city were forced to leave. But I will make them into a strong nation.” The Lord will be their king. He will rule from Mount Zion forever. 8And you, Tower of Flocks, your time will come. Ophel, hill of Zion, you will again be the seat of government. Yes, the kingdom will be in Jerusalem like it was in the past.” 9Now, why are you crying so loud? Is your king gone? Have you lost your leader? You are suffering like a woman that is giving birth. 10Daughter of Zion, feel the pain. Give birth to your “baby.” You must go out of this city ˻(Jerusalem)˼. You will live in the field. I mean, you will go to Babylon. But you will be saved from that place. The Lord will go there and rescue you. He will take you away from your enemies. 11Many nations have come to fight against you. They say, ”Look, there is Zion! Let’s attack her!” 12˻Those people have their plans.˼ But they don’t know what the Lord is planning. The Lord brought those people here ˻for a special purpose˼. Those people will be ˻crushed˼ like grain on a threshing floor. 13“Daughter of Zion, get up and crush those people! ˻I will make you very strong.˼ It will be like you have horns of iron, and hooves of bronze. You will beat many people into small pieces. You will give their wealth to the Lord. You will give their treasure to the Lord of all the earth.”

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