Micah 5

1Now, strong city, gather your soldiers. They are surrounding us for the attack! They will hit the Judge of Israel on the cheek with their stick. 2But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, are the smallest town in Judah. Your family is almost too small to count. But the “Ruler of Israel” will come from you for me. His beginnings are from ancient times, from long, long ago. 3So the Lord will give up his people until the woman gives birth to her child, ˻the promised king˼. Then the rest of his brothers will come back to the people of Israel. 4Then ˻the Ruler of Israel˼ will stand in the power of the Lord and in the wonderful name of the Lord his God and feed ˻the flock˼. They will live ˻in peace˼ because at that time, his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth. 5There will be peace. Yes, the Assyrian army will come into our country and trample our large buildings. But the Ruler of Israel will choose seven shepherds and eight leaders. 6They will use their swords and rule the Assyrians. They will rule the land of Nimrod with swords in hand. They will use their swords to rule those people. But then ˻the Ruler of Israel˼ will save us from the Assyrians who will come into our land and trample our territory. 7But the survivors from Jacob scattered among the nations will be like dew from the Lord that doesn’t depend on any man. They will be like rain on the grass that doesn’t wait for anyone. 8But the survivors from Jacob in the nations scattered among those people will be like a lion among the animals in the forest. They will be like a young lion among flocks of sheep. If the lion passes through, he goes where he wants to go. If he attacks an animal, then no one can save that animal. ˻The survivors will be like that.˼ 9You will lift your hand against your enemies, and you will destroy them. 10The Lord says, ”At that time, I will take away your horses, and I will destroy your chariots. 11I will destroy the cities in your country. I will pull down all your fortresses. 12You will no longer try to do magic. You will not have any more people that try to tell the future. 13I will destroy your statues ˻of false gods˼. I will pull down your stones for remembering those false gods. You will not worship the things that your hands have made. 14I will destroy the Asherah poles. And I will destroy your false gods. 15Some people will not listen to me. But I will show my anger. And I will get even with those people.”

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