Nahum 1

1This book is the vision of Nahum from Elkosh. This is the sad message about the city of Nineveh. 2The Lord is a jealous God. The Lord punishes guilty people. The Lord punishes guilty people, and the Lord is very angry! The Lord punishes his enemies. He stays angry at his enemies. 3The Lord is patient. But he is also very powerful! And the Lord will punish guilty people. He will not let them go free. The Lord ˻is coming to punish bad people˼. He will use whirlwinds and storms to show his power. ˻A man walks˼ on the dust ˻on the ground˼. But the Lord walks on the clouds! 4The Lord will speak harshly to the sea, and it will become dry. He will make all the rivers become dry! The rich lands of Bashan and Carmel become dry and dead. The flowers in Lebanon fade away. 5The Lord will come, and the mountains will shake ˻with fear˼, and the hills will melt away. The Lord will come, and the earth will shake with fear. The world and every person on it will shake with fear. 6No person can stand against the Lord’s great anger. No one can endure his terrible anger. His anger will burn like fire. The rocks will shatter when he comes. 7The Lord is good. He is a safe place to go to in times of trouble. He takes care of the people who trust him. 8But he will destroy completely his enemies. He will wash them away like a flood. He will chase his enemies into the darkness. 9Why are you making plans against the Lord? He will bring complete destruction, so ˻you˼ will not cause trouble again! 10You will be completely destroyed like thorn bushes burning under a pot. You will be destroyed quickly like dry weeds that burn fast. 11˻Assyria,˼ a man came from you. He made evil plans against the Lord. He gave evil advice. 12The Lord said these things ˻to Judah˼: ”The people of Assyria are at full strength. They have many soldiers. But they will all be cut down. They will all be finished. My people, I made you suffer. But I will make you suffer no more. 13Now I will set you free from the power of Assyria. I will take that yoke off your neck. I will tear away the chains holding you.” 14˻King of Assyria,˼ the Lord gave this command about you: “You will not have any descendants to wear your name. I will destroy your carved idols and metal statues that are in the temple of your gods. I am preparing your grave for you because your end is coming soon! 15Judah, look! Look there, coming over the mountains. Here comes a messenger bringing good news! He says there is peace! Judah, celebrate your special holidays. Judah, do the things you promised. Those worthless people will not come through and attack you again! Why? Because all those bad people have been destroyed!

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