Proverbs 10

1These are the proverbs ˻(wise sayings)˼ of Solomon: A wise son makes his father happy. But a foolish son makes his mother very sad. 2If a person gets money by doing bad things, then that money is worthless. But doing good can save you from death. 3The Lord cares for good people. He gives them the food they need. But the Lord takes away the things that evil people want. 4A lazy person will be poor. But a person that works hard will be rich. 5A smart man gathers the crops at the right time. But if a person sleeps during the time of harvest and does not gather the crops, then he will be shamed. 6People ask God to bless a good person. Evil people might say those good things, but their words only hide the bad things they are planning. 7Good people leave good memories. But evil people will soon be forgotten. 8A wise person obeys when someone tells him to do something. But a fool argues and brings trouble to himself. 9A good, honest person is safe. But a crooked person who cheats will be caught. 10A person who hides the truth causes trouble. A person who speaks openly makes peace. 11A good man’s words make life better. But the words from an evil man only shows the bad that is inside him. 12Hate causes arguments. But love forgives every wrong thing people do. 13Wise people say things that are worth hearing. But foolish people must be punished ˻before they learn their lesson˼. 14Wise people ˻are quiet˼ and learn new things. But foolish people talk and bring trouble to themselves. 15Wealth protects the rich person. And poverty destroys a poor person. 16If a person does good, then he is rewarded. He is given life. Evil brings only punishment. 17A person who learns from his punishment can help other people live too. But a person who refuses to learn only leads people the wrong way. 18A person who hides his hate might be telling a lie. But only a fool tries to find gossip he can spread. 19A person who talks too much gets himself into trouble. A wise person learns to be quiet. 20The words from a good person are like pure silver. But the thoughts from an evil person are worthless. 21A good person’s words will help many people. But a fool’s stupidity will kill him. 22A blessing from the Lord will bring you true wealth. And it won’t bring troubles with it. 23The foolish person enjoys doing wrong. But a wise person is happy with wisdom. 24An evil person will be defeated by the things he fears. But a good person will get the things that he wants. 25Evil people are destroyed by their trouble. But good people will stand strong forever. 26Never let a lazy man do something for you. He will irritate you—like vinegar in your mouth or smoke in your eyes. 27If you respect the Lord, then you will live long. But evil people will lose years from their life. 28The things good people hope for bring happiness. The things bad people hope for bring ruin. 29The Lord protects good people. But the Lord destroys people that do wrong. 30Good people will always be safe. But evil people will be forced to leave the land. 31Good people say wise things. But people will stop listening to a person that says things that bring trouble. 32Good people know the right things to say. But evil people say things that bring trouble.

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