Proverbs 11

1˻Some people use scales that don’t weigh things properly. They use those scales to cheat people.˼ The Lord hates those false scales. But accurate scales please the Lord. 2People that are proud and boast will become unimportant. But people who are humble will also become wise. 3Good, honest people are guided by honesty. But evil people destroy themselves when they cheat other people. 4On the day God judges people, money is worth nothing. But goodness will save people from death. 5If a good person is honest, then his life will be easy. But an evil person is destroyed by the bad things he does. 6Goodness saves the honest person. But evil people are trapped by the bad things they want. 7After an evil man dies, there is no hope for him. Everything he hoped for is gone—all of it is worth nothing. 8A good person will escape trouble, and that trouble will happen to some evil person. 9An evil person can hurt other people by the things he says. But good people are protected by their wisdom. 10When good people are successful, all the city is happy. When evil people are destroyed, people shout with joy. 11A city becomes great when the honest people living there give it their blessing. But the things an evil person says can destroy a city. 12A person without good sense says bad things about his neighbors. But a wise man knows when to be quiet. 13Any person who tells secrets about other people can’t be trusted. But a person that can be trusted does not spread gossip. 14A nation with weak leaders will fall. But many good advisers will make that nation safe. 15If you promise to pay another person’s debt, then you will be sorry. You will be safe if you refuse to make those deals. 16A kind, gentle woman gains respect. Pushy men gain only money. 17A kind man will profit. But a mean man will cause trouble for himself. 18An evil man cheats people and takes their money. But a person that is fair and does right will get the real reward. 19Truly, goodness brings life. But evil people chase after evil and find death. 20The Lord hates people that love to do evil. But he is happy with people that try to do right. 21It is true that evil people will surely be punished. And good people will be made free. 22If a woman is beautiful but foolish, it is the same as a beautiful gold ring in a pig’s nose. 23When good people get what they want, it brings more good. But when evil people get what they want, it brings only trouble. 24If a person gives freely, then he will gain even more. But if a person refuses to give, then he will become poor. 25A person who gives freely will profit. If you help others, then you will gain more for yourself. 26People become angry at a greedy man who refuses to sell his grain. But they are happy with a man who sells his grain to feed other people. 27People respect a person who tries to do good. But a person who does evil gets nothing but trouble. 28The person who trusts in his riches will fall like a dead leaf. But the good person will grow like a new green leaf. 29If a person causes trouble for his family, then he will gain nothing. And in the end, the foolish person will be forced to serve the wise person. 30The things a good man does are like the Tree of Life. A wise man gives new life to people. 31If good people are rewarded on earth, then surely evil people will also get what they deserve.

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