Proverbs 2

1My son, accept these things I say. Remember my commands. 2Listen to wisdom, and try your best to understand. 3Cry out for wisdom, and shout for understanding. 4Look for wisdom like silver. Look for it like a hidden treasure. 5If you do these things, then you will learn to respect the Lord. You will truly learn about God. 6The Lord gives wisdom. Knowledge and understanding come from his mouth. 7He saves and protects good, honest people. 8He protects people who are fair to other people. He guards his holy people. 9So the Lord will give you his wisdom. Then you will understand the things that are good and fair and right. 10Wisdom will come into your heart, and your soul will be happy with knowledge. 11Wisdom will protect you, and under standing will guard you. 12Wisdom and understanding will stop you from living the wrong way like evil people. Those people are evil even in the things they say. 13They have given up goodness and now live in darkness ˻(sin)˼. 14They are happy in doing wrong and enjoy the bad ways of evil. 15Those people can’t be trusted—they lie and cheat. But your wisdom and understanding will keep you away from all these things. 16Wisdom will save you from the woman stranger. Wisdom will save you from that foreign woman who says such sweet words when she tempts you to sin with her. 17She married when she was young—but she left her husband. She forgot the marriage vows she made before God. 18And now, going with her into her house leads to death! If you follow her, she will lead you to the grave! 19˻She herself is like the grave˼—men who go into her lose their life and never return. 20Wisdom will help you follow the example of good people. Wisdom will help you live the way good people live. 21Good honest people will be able to live on their land. Simple honest people will get to keep their land. 22But evil people will lose their land. People who lie and cheat will be taken away from the land.

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