Proverbs 27

1Never brag about what will happen in the future. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. 2Never praise yourself. Let other people do it. 3A stone is heavy, and sand is hard to carry. But ˻the trouble caused by˼ an angry fool is much harder to bear. 4Anger is cruel and mean. It causes destruction. But jealousy is much worse. 5Open criticism is better than hidden love. 6A friend might hurt you sometimes, but he does not want to do this. An enemy is different. Even when an enemy is kind to you, he wants to hurt you. 7If you are not hungry, then you will not eat even honey. But if you are hungry, you will eat anything—even if it tastes bad. 8A man away from home is like a bird away from its nest. 9Perfume and sweet-smelling things make you feel happy. And a kind word from a friend is more welcome than life-saving advice. 10Don’t forget your friends and your father’s friends. And if you have trouble, don’t go far away to your brother’s house for help. It is better to ask a neighbor that is near you than to go far away to your brother. 11My son, be wise. This will make me happy. Then I will be able to answer any person that criticizes me. 12Wise people see trouble coming and get out of its way. But a fool goes straight to the trouble and suffers because of it. 13You will lose your shirt if you make yourself responsible for another man’s debts. 14Don’t wake up your neighbor early in the morning with a shout of, “Good morning!” He will treat it like a curse, not a blessing. 15A wife that always wants to argue is like water that never stops dripping on a rainy day. 16Trying to stop that woman is like trying to stop the wind. It is like trying to grab oil with your hand. 17People use pieces of iron to sharpen iron knives. In the same way, people learn from other people, making each other sharp. 18A person who cares for fig trees will be able to eat their fruit. In the same way, a person who cares for his master will be rewarded. His master will care for him. 19When a person looks into the water he can see his own face. In the same way, a man’s heart shows what the man is really like. 20People are just like the grave. That place of death and destruction always wants more than it already has. 21People use fire to make gold and silver pure. In the same way, a man is tested by the praise people give him. 22You can grind a fool to powder, and still you will not force the foolishness out of him. 23Watch your sheep and goats carefully. Be sure you care for them the best you can. 24Wealth doesn’t last forever. Even nations don’t last forever. 25Cut the hay, and new grass will grow. Then you can gather the plants growing on the hills. 26Cut the wool from your lambs and make your clothes. Sell some of your goats and buy some land. 27Then there will be plenty of goat milk for you and your family and enough to keep servant girls healthy.

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