Proverbs 28

1Evil people are afraid of everything. But a good person is as brave as a lion. 2A country filled with people that break the law will have many bad rulers that rule only a short time. But a wise ruler will rule a long time in a country where people understand ˻the need to obey the law˼. 3If a ruler makes trouble for poor people, he is like a hard rain that destroys the crops. 4You are for evil people if you refuse to obey the law. But if you obey the law, then you are against them. 5Evil people don’t understand fairness. But people who love the Lord understand it. 6It is better to be poor but honest than to be rich and evil. 7A person who obeys the law is smart. But the person who becomes friends with worthless people brings shame to his father. 8If you get rich by cheating poor people and charging them high interest rates, then you will lose your wealth. It will go to another person who is kind to them. 9If a person refuses to listen to ˻God’s˼ teachings, then ˻God˼ will refuse to hear his prayers. 10A bad person might make plans to hurt a good person. But the bad person will fall into his own trap. And good things will happen to the good person. 11Rich people always think they are wise. But a poor person that is wise can see the truth. 12When good people become leaders, everyone is happy. But when an evil person is elected, all people go and hide. 13A person that hides his sins will not be successful. But a person that confesses his sins and stops doing wrong will receive mercy. 14If a person always respects the Lord, then that person will be blessed. But if a person is stubborn and refuses to respect the Lord, then he will have trouble. 15When an evil person rules over weak people, he is like an angry lion or a bear that is ready to fight. 16If a ruler is not wise, he will hurt the people under him. But the ruler that is honest and hates cheating will rule for a long time. 17If a person is guilty of killing another person, then that person will never have peace. Don’t support that person. 18If a person is living right, then he will be safe. But if a person is evil, then he will lose his power. 19A person that works hard will have plenty to eat. But a person that wastes his time with dreams will always be poor. 20God will bless the person who follows him. But a person who is only trying to get rich will be punished. 21A judge must be fair. He must not support a person simply because of who that person is. But some judges will change their decisions for only the smallest payment. 22A selfish person only wants to get rich. That person does not realize that he is very close to being poor. 23If you help someone by telling him he is doing wrong, then later he will be happy with you. That is much better than always saying only nice things to people. 24A person might steal from his father and mother. That person might say, “I did nothing wrong.” But that person is as bad as a man who comes in and smashes everything in the house. 25A selfish person causes trouble. But the person who trusts in the Lord will be rewarded. 26If a person trusts in himself, then he is a fool. But if a person is wise, then he will escape disaster. 27If a person gives to poor people, then he will have everything he needs. But if a person refuses to help poor people, then he will have much trouble. 28If an evil person is elected to rule, then all the people hide. But when that evil person is defeated, then good people rule again.

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