Proverbs 31

1These are the wise sayings of King Lemuel. His mother taught him these things. 2You are my son. The son that I love. You are the son that I prayed to have. 3Don’t waste your strength on women. Women destroy kings, so don’t waste yourself on them. 4Lemuel, it is not wise for kings to drink wine. It is not wise for rulers to want beer. 5They may drink too much and forget what the law says. Then they might take away all the rights of poor people. 6Give beer to the poor people. Give wine to those people who are in trouble. 7Let them drink and forget that they are poor. Let them forget all their troubles. 8˻If a person can’t help himself, then you should help him.˼ Speak up for a person who can’t speak! Help people who are in trouble! 9Stand up for the things you know are right. And judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of poor people and people that need help. 10It is very hard to find “the perfect woman.” But she is worth much more than jewels. 11Her husband depends on her. He will never be poor. 12She does good for her husband all her life. She never causes him trouble. 13She is always gathering wool and flax and gladly making things with her hands. 14She is like a ship from a faraway place. She brings food home from everywhere. 15She wakes very early in the morning. She cooks food for her family and gives the servants their share. 16She looks at land and buys it. She uses money she has earned and plants a vineyard. 17She works very hard. She is strong and able to do all her work. 18When she trades the things she has made, she always earns a profit. And she works until late at night. 19She makes her own thread and weaves her own cloth. 20She always gives to poor people and helps people that need it. 21She doesn’t worry about her family when it snows. She has given them all good, warm clothes. 22She makes sheets and spreads for the beds. And she wears clothes of fine linen. 23People respect her husband. He is one of the leaders of the land. 24She is a very good businesswoman. She makes clothes and belts, and sells them to businessmen. 25She is praised and people respect her. She looks to the future with confidence. 26She speaks with wisdom. She teaches people to be loving and kind. 27She is never lazy. She takes care of the things in her house. 28Her children say good things about her. Her husband brags about her and says, 29“There are many good women. But you are the best.” 30Grace and beauty can fool you. But a woman who respects the Lord should be praised. 31Give her the reward she deserves. Praise her in public for the things she has done.

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