Psalm 101

1I will sing about love and fairness. Lord, I will sing to you. 2I will carefully live a pure life. I will live a pure life in my house. Lord, when will you come to me? 3I will not have any idols in front of me. I hate people turning against you like that. I will not do that! 4I will be honest. I will not do evil things. 5If any person secretly says bad things about his neighbor, I will stop that person. I will not allow people to be proud and think they are better than other people. 6I will look throughout the country for people who can be trusted. And I will let only those people serve me. Only people who live pure lives can be my servants. 7I will not let liars live in my house. I will not let liars stay near me. 8I will always destroy bad people living in this country. I will force the evil people to leave the Lord’s city.

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