Psalm 108

1God, I am ready, heart and soul, to sing and play songs of praise. 2Harps and lyres, let’s wake up the sun! 3Lord, we will praise you among the nations. We will praise you among other people. 4Lord, your love is higher than the skies. Your faithfulness is higher than the highest clouds. 5God, rise above the heavens! Let all the world see your glory. 6God, do this to save your friends. Answer my prayer and use your great power to save. 7God spoke in his temple: ”I will win the war and be happy about the victory! ˻I will divide this land among my people.˼ I will give them Shechem. I will give them Succoth Valley. 8Gilead and Manasseh will be mine. Ephraim will be my helmet. Judah will be my scepter. 9Moab will be a bowl for washing my feet. Edom will be a slave to carry my sandals. I ˻will defeat˼ the Philistines and shout about the victory.” 10Who will lead me into the enemy fortress? Who will lead me to fight against Edom? 11God, ˻only you can help me do these things˼. But you left us! You did not go with our army! 12God, please help us defeat our enemy! People can’t help us! 13Only God can make us strong. God can defeat our enemies!

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