Psalm 109

1God, don’t close your ears to my prayer! 2Wicked people are telling lies about me. They are saying things that are not true. 3People are saying hateful things about me. People are attacking me for no reason. 4I loved them, but they hate me. So now, I am praying to you, God. 5I did good things to those people. but they are doing bad things to me. I loved them, but they hated me. 6Punish my enemy for the bad things he did. Find a person to prove he is wrong. 7Let the judge decide my enemy did wrong and that he is guilty. Let everything my enemy says only make things worse for him. 8Let my enemy die soon. Let another person have his job. 9Make my enemy’s children orphans and his wife a widow. 10Let them lose their home and become beggars. 11Let the people my enemy owes money to take everything he owns. Let strangers take everything he worked for. 12I hope no person is kind to my enemy. I hope no person shows mercy to his children. 13Destroy my enemy completely. Let the next generation remove his name from everything. 14I hope the Lord is reminded of the sins of my enemy’s father. And I hope his mother’s sins are never erased. 15I hope the Lord remembers those sins forever. And I hope he forces people to forget my enemy completely. 16Why? Because that evil man never did anything good. He never loved anyone He made life hard for poor, helpless people. 17That evil man loved to ask for bad things to happen to other people. So let those bad things happen to him. That evil man never asked for good things to happen to people. So don’t let good things happen to him. 18Let curses be his clothes. Let curses be the water he drinks. Let curses be the oil on his body. 19Let curses be the clothes they wrap around that evil man. And let curses be the belt around his waist. 20I hope the Lord does all those things to my enemy. I hope the Lord does those things to the people who are trying to kill me. 21Lord, you are my Master. So treat me in a way that brings honor to your name. You have such great love, so save me. 22I am only a poor, helpless man. I am truly sad, my heart is broken. 23I feel like my life is over, like long shadows at the end of a day. I feel like a bug someone brushed away. 24My knees are weak because I am hungry. I am losing weight and becoming thin. 25Bad people insult me. They look at me and shake their heads. 26Lord my God, help me! Show your true love and save me! 27Then those people will know that you helped me. Then they will know that it was your power that helped me. 28Those bad people curse me, but you can bless me, Lord. They attacked me, so defeat them. Then I, your servant, will be happy. 29Embarrass my enemies! Let them wear their shame like a coat. 30I thank the Lord. I praise him in front of many people. 31Why? Because the Lord stands by helpless people. God saves them from other people who try to condemn them to death.

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