Psalm 11

1I trust the Lord. So why did you tell me ˻to run and hide˼? ˻You told me,˼ ”Fly like a bird to your mountain!” 2˻Bad people are like a hunter˼ They hide in the dark. They pull back on the bowstring. They aim their arrows and shoot straight into the hearts of good, honest people. 3What would happen if they destroyed all that is good? What would good people do then? 4The Lord is in his holy palace. The Lord sits on his throne in heaven. And he sees everything that happens. The Lord watches people closely to see if they are good or bad. 5The Lord searches for good people, but he rejects cruel, evil people. 6He will make hot coals and burning sulphur fall like rain on those bad people. Those bad people will get nothing but a hot, burning wind. 7But the Lord is good. And he loves people doing good things. Good people will ˻be with him˼ and see his face.

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