Psalm 111

1Praise the Lord! I thank the Lord with all my heart in the assembly where good people meet together. 2The Lord does wonderful things. People want those good things that come from God. 3God does truly glorious and wonderful things. His goodness continues forever. 4God does amazing things so that we will remember that the Lord is kind and merciful. 5God gives food to his followers. God remembers his Agreement forever. 6The powerful things God did, showed his people that he was giving their land to them. 7Everything God does is good and fair. All his commands can all be trusted. 8God’s commands will continue forever. God’s reasons for giving those commands were honest and pure. 9God sent ˻someone˼ to rescue his people. God made his Agreement ˻with them˼ that would continue forever. God’s name is amazing and holy. 10Wisdom begins with fear and respect for God. People who obey God are very wise. Praises will be sung to God forever.

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