Psalm 12

1Save ˻me˼ Lord! The good people are all gone. There are no true believers left among all the people on earth. 2People tell lies to their neighbors. Each and every person flatters his neighbors with lies. 3The Lord should cut off those lips that tell lies. The Lord should cut out those tongues that tell their big stories. 4Those people say, ”We will say the right lies and become very important. We know what to say, so that no one will be our master.” 5But the Lord says: ”Bad people stole from the poor people. They took things from helpless people. But now I will stand and defend those weary ˻(tired)˼ people.” 6The Lord’s words are true and pure like silver melted in a hot fire. They are pure like silver that was melted and made pure seven times. 7Lord, take care of helpless people. Protect them now and forever! 8Those bad people act important, but really, they are like costume jewelry. It looks expensive, but it is really very cheap.

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