Psalm 122

1I was very happy when people said, ”Let us go to the Lord’s temple.” 2Here we are, standing at the gates of Jerusalem. 3This is New Jerusalem! The city has been built again as one united city. 4That is where the family groups go. The people of Israel go there to praise the Lord’s name. They are the family groups that belong to the Lord 5The kings from David’s family put their thrones in that place. They set up their thrones there to judge the people. 6Pray for peace in Jerusalem. ”I hope the people who love you will find peace there. I hope there will be peace inside your walls. I hope there will be safety in your great buildings.” 7For the good of my brothers and neighbors, I pray there will be peace here. 8For the good of the temple of the Lord our God, I pray that good things will happen to this city.

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