Psalm 132

1Lord, remember how David suffered. 2David made a promise to the Lord. David made a special promise to the Mighty God of Jacob. 3David said, ”I will not go into my house, I will not lie down on my bed, 4I will not sleep, I will not let my eyes rest, 5I will not do any of those things until I find a house for the Lord, a home for the Mighty God of Jacob!” 6We heard about it in Ephrathah. We found the Box of the Agreement at Kiriath Jearim. 7Let’s go to the Holy Tent. Let’s worship at the stool where God rests his feet. 8Lord, get up from your resting place. Get up Lord, you and your powerful Box. 9Lord, your priests are dressed in goodness. Your loyal followers are very happy. 10For the good of your servant, David, don’t reject your chosen king. 11The Lord made a promise to David. The Lord promised to be loyal to David. The Lord promised that the kings would come from David’s family. 12˻The Lord said,˼ “David, if your children obey my Agreement and the laws I teach them, then someone from your family will always be the king.” 13The Lord chose Zion to be the place for his temple. That is the place he wanted for his home. 14˻The Lord said,˼ ”This will be my place forever and ever. I choose this to be the place where I will be. 15I will bless this city with plenty of food. Even poor people will have plenty to eat. 16I will clothe the priests with salvation. And my followers will be very happy here. 17In this place, I will make David strong. I will provide a lamp for my chosen king. 18I will cover David’s enemies in shame. But I will make David’s kingdom grow.”

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