Psalm 135

1Praise the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord! Servants of the Lord, praise him! 2Praise him, you people that are standing in the Lord’s temple, in the courtyard of the temple of our God. 3Praise the Lord, because he is good. Praise his name, because it is pleasant. 4The Lord chose Jacob. Israel belongs to God. 5I know the Lord is great! Our Master is greater than all the gods! 6The Lord does anything he wants, in heaven and earth, in the seas and deep oceans. 7God makes the clouds all over the earth. God makes the lightning and rain. And God makes the wind. 8God destroyed all the firstborn men and all the firstborn animals in Egypt. 9God did many wonders and miracles in Egypt. God made those things happen to Pharaoh and his officials. 10God defeated many nations. God killed powerful kings. 11God defeated Sihon, king of the Amorites. God defeated Og, king of Bashan. God defeated all the nations in Canaan. 12And God gave their land to Israel. God gave that land to his people. 13Lord, your name will be famous forever! Lord, people will remember you forever and ever. 14The Lord punished the nations. But the Lord was kind to his servants. 15The gods of the other people were only gold and silver statues. Their gods were only statues that people made. 16The statues had mouths, but couldn’t speak. The statues had eyes, but couldn’t see. 17The statues had ears, but couldn’t hear. The statues had noses, but couldn’t smell. 18And the people who made the statues will become just like them! Why? Because they trusted those statues to help them. 19Family of Israel, bless the Lord! Aaron’s family, bless the Lord! 20Levi’s family, bless the Lord! Followers of the Lord, bless the Lord! 21The Lord is blessed from Zion, from Jerusalem, his home. Praise the Lord!

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