Psalm 14

1A foolish person says in his heart, ”There is no God.” Foolish people do terrible, rotten things. Not even one of them does good. 2The Lord looked down from heaven to see if there were any wise people. (Wise people turn to God for help.) 3But every person had turned away from God. All people had become bad. Not even one person was doing good! 4Bad people have destroyed my people. And those bad people don’t know God. Bad people have plenty of food to eat. And they don’t even worship the Lord. 5- 6Those bad people didn’t want to listen to advice from a poor man. Why? Because that poor man depended on God. But God is with his good people. So bad people have plenty to fear. 7Who on Zion saves Israel? ˻It is the Lord who saves Israel!˼ The Lord’s people were taken away and forced to be prisoners. But the Lord will bring his people back. Then Jacob ˻(Israel)˼ will be very happy.

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