Psalm 140

1Lord, save me from evil people. Protect me from cruel people. 2Those people plan to do evil things. Those people always start fights. 3Their tongues are like poisonous snakes. It is like snake poison is under their tongue. selah 4Lord, save me from wicked people. Protect me from cruel people. Those people chase me and try to hurt me. 5Those proud people set a trap for me. They spread a net to catch me. They set a trap in my path. selah 6Lord, you are my God. Lord, listen to my prayer. 7Lord, you are my strong Master. You are my Savior. You are like a helmet protecting my head in battle. 8Lord, those people are wicked. Don’t let them have what they want. Don’t let their plans succeed. selah 9Lord, don’t let my enemies win. Those people are planning bad things. But make those bad things happen to them. 10Pour burning coals on their heads. Throw my enemies into the fire. Throw them into the pit ˻(grave)˼ that they will never climb out of. 11Lord, don’t let those liars live. Make bad things happen to those bad people. 12I know the Lord will judge poor people fairly. God will help helpless people. 13Good people will praise your name, Lord. Good people will worship you.

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