Psalm 141

1Lord, I call to you for help. Listen to me while I pray to you. Hurry and help me! 2Lord, accept my prayer. Let it be like a gift of burning incense. Let it be like the evening sacrifice. 3Lord, help me control the things I say. Help me watch what I say. 4Don’t let me want to do bad things. Stop me from joining bad people when they do wrong. Don’t let me share the things those bad people enjoy doing. 5A good person can correct me. That would be kind of him. Your followers can criticize me. It would be good for them to do that. I would accept that. But I will always pray against the bad things those bad people do. 6Let their rulers be punished. Then people will know I spoke the truth. 7People dig and plow the ground. And spread the dirt around. In the same way, our bones will be spread around in their grave. 8Lord my Master, I look to you for help. I trust you. Please don’t let me die. 9Bad people set traps for me. Don’t let me fall into their traps. Don’t let them trap me. 10Let wicked people fall into their own trap, while I walk away unharmed.

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