Psalm 144

1The Lord is my Rock, Bless the Lord. The Lord trains me for war. The Lord trains me for battle. 2The Lord loves me and protects me. The Lord is my safe place high on the mountain. The Lord rescues me. The Lord is my shield. I trust him. The Lord helps me rule my people. 3Lord, why are people important to you? Why do you even notice us? 4A person’s life is like a puff of air. A person’s life is like a passing shadow. 5Lord, tear open the skies and come down. Touch the mountains and smoke will rise from them. 6Lord, send the lightning and make my enemies run away. Shoot your “arrows” and make them run away. 7Lord, reach down from heaven and save me! Don’t let me drown in this sea of enemies. Save me from these foreigners. 8These enemies are liars. They say things that are not true. 9Lord, I will sing a new song about the wonderful things you do. I will praise you and play the harp with ten strings. 10The Lord helps kings win their wars. The Lord saved his servant David from his enemy’s swords. 11Save me from these foreigners. These enemies are liars. They say things that are not true. 12Our young sons are like strong trees. Our daughters are like the beautiful decorations in the palace. 13Our barns are filled with all kinds of crops. There are thousands and thousands of sheep in our fields. 14Our soldiers are safe. No enemy is trying to break in. We are not going to war. People are not screaming in our streets. 15At times like this, people are very happy. People are very happy if the Lord is their God.

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