Psalm 148

1Praise the Lord! Angels above, praise the Lord from heaven! 2Praise the Lord, all you angels! Praise him, all his army! 3Sun and moon, praise the Lord! Stars and lights in the sky, praise him! 4Praise the Lord in the highest heaven! Waters above the sky, praise him! 5Praise the Lord’s name. Why? Because God gave the command, and we were all created! 6God made all these things to continue forever. God made the laws that will never end. 7Everything on earth, praise the Lord! Great sea animals in the oceans, praise the Lord! 8God made the fire and hail, the snow and smoke, and all the stormy winds. 9God made the mountains and hills, the fruit trees and cedar trees. 10God made all the wild animals and cattle, the reptiles and birds. 11God made the kings and nations on earth. God made the leaders and judges. 12God made the young men and women. God made the old and young people. 13Praise the Lord’s name! Honor his name forever! Everything in heaven and earth, praise him! 14God will make his people strong. People will praise God’s followers. People will praise Israel. They are the people God fights for. Praise the Lord!

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