Psalm 149

1Praise the Lord. Sing a new song about the new things the Lord has done! Sing his praise in the assembly where his followers meet together. 2Let Israel enjoy themselves with their Maker. Let the people on Zion rejoice with their King. 3Let those people praise God by dancing and playing their tambourines and harps. 4The Lord is happy with his people. God did a wonderful thing for his humble people. He saved them! 5God’s followers, rejoice in your victory! Even after going to bed, be happy. 6Let the people shout praise to God and take their swords in their hands, 7Let them go punish their enemies. Let them go punish those people. 8God’s people will put chains on those kings and important people. 9God’s people will punish them like God commanded. All of God’s followers honor him. Praise the Lord!

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