Psalm 17

1Lord, hear my prayer for fairness. I am calling loudly to you. And I am being honest in the things I say. So, please listen to my prayer. 2You will make the right decision about me. You can see the truth. 3You have looked deep into my heart. You were with me all night. You questioned me and found nothing wrong. I didn’t plan any bad thing. 4I have tried as hard as humanly possible to obey your commands. 5I have followed your paths. My feet never left your way of living. 6Every time I called to you, God, you answered me. So listen to me now. 7God, you help people who trust you— those people stand by your right side. So listen to this prayer from one of your followers. 8Protect me like the pupil of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wings. 9Lord, save me from the bad people who are trying to ruin me. Protect me from the people around me who are trying to hurt me. 10Those bad people have become too proud ˻to listen to God˼. And they brag about themselves. 11Those people chased me. Now they are all around me. And they are ready to attack. 12Those bad people are like lions waiting to kill and eat another animal. They hide like lions, ready to attack. 13Lord, get up and go to the enemy. Make them surrender. Use your sword and save me from the bad people. 14Lord, use your power and remove bad people from the ˻land of˼ the living. Lord, many people come to you for help. Those people don’t have much in this life. Give those people plenty of food. Give their children all they want. Give the children so much that they will have food left over for their children. 15˻I prayed for˼ fairness. So I will see your face, Lord. And seeing you, Lord, I will be fully satisfied.

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