Psalm 2

1Why are the people from other nations so angry? Why are they making foolish plans? 2Their kings and leaders joined together to fight against the Lord and against the king he chose. 3˻Those leaders said,˼ ”Let’s rebel against God and against the king he chose. ”Let’s break free from them!” 4But my Master, the King in heaven, laughs at those people. 5- 6God is angry and he tells those people, ”I chose this man to be king! And he will rule on Mount Zion. Zion is my special mountain.” And that makes those other leaders afraid. 7Now I will tell you about the Lord’s agreement. The Lord said to me, ”Today I become your father! And you are my son. 8If you ask me, I will give the nations to you. All the people on earth will be yours! 9You could destroy those nations like an iron rod shattering a clay pot.” 10So, you kings, be wise. All you rulers, learn this lesson. 11Obey the Lord with much fear. 12Show that you are loyal to God’s son. If you don’t do this, he will become angry and destroy you. People who trust the Lord are happy. ˻But other people should be careful.˼ The Lord is about ready to show his anger.

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