Psalm 21

1Lord, your strength makes the king happy. He is so happy when you save him. 2You gave the king the things he wanted. Lord, the king asked for some things, and you gave him what he asked for. 3Lord, you really blessed the king. You put the gold crown on his head. 4God, the king asked you for life. And you gave it to him! You gave him a long life that continues forever and ever. 5You led the king to victory and gave him great glory. You gave him honor and praise. 6God, you really blessed the king forever. When the king sees your face, it makes him very happy. 7The king trusts the Lord. God Most-High will not disappoint him. 8God, you will show all your enemies that you are strong. Your power will defeat the people who hate you. 9Lord, when you are with the king, he is like a hot oven ˻that burns up everything in it˼. His anger burns like a hot fire, and he destroys his enemies. 10The families of his enemies will be destroyed. They will be gone from the earth. 11Why? Because those people planned bad things against you, Lord. They planned to do bad things, but they didn’t succeed. 12Lord, you made those people your slaves. You tied them together with ropes. You put ropes around their necks. You made them bow down like slaves. 13Lord, let the songs of your power exalt you! We will sing and play songs about your greatness!

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