Psalm 25

1Lord, I give myself to you. 2My God, I trust you, and I will not be disappointed. My enemies will not laugh at me. 3If a person trusts you, he will not be disappointed. But traitors will be disappointed. They will get nothing. 4Lord, help me learn your ways. Teach me your ways. 5Guide me and teach me your truths. You are my God, my Savior. I trust you every day. 6Remember to be kind to me, Lord. Show me the tender love that you have always had. 7Don’t remember the sins and bad things that I did when I was young. For your good name, Lord, remember me with love. 8The Lord is truly good. He teaches sinners the right way to live. 9He teaches humble people his ways. He leads them with fairness. 10The Lord is kind and true to people who follow his Agreement and promises. 11Lord, I have done many wrong things. But, to show your goodness, you forgave me for everything I did. 12If a person chooses to follow the Lord, then God will show that person the best way to live. 13That person will enjoy good things, and his children will keep the land ˻God promised to give him˼. 14The Lord tells his secrets to his followers. He teaches his Agreement to them. 15I am always looking to the Lord for help. He always frees me from my troubles. 16Lord, I am hurt and lonely. Turn to me and show me mercy. 17Free me from my troubles. Help me solve my problems. 18Lord, look at my trials and troubles. Forgive me for all the sins I have done. 19Look at all the enemies I have. They hate me and want to hurt me. 20God, protect me and save me. I trust you, so don’t disappoint me. 21God, you are truly good. I trust you, so protect me. 22God, save the people of Israel from all of their enemies.

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