Psalm 26

1Lord, judge me. Prove that I have lived a pure life. I never stopped trusting the Lord. 2Lord, try me and test me. Look closely into my heart and mind. 3I always see your tender love. I live by your truths. 4I am not one of those worthless people. 5I hate those evil gangs. I won’t join those gangs of crooks. 6Lord, I wash my hands to show that I am pure so I may come to your altar. 7Lord, I sing songs of praise to you. I sing about the wonderful things you have done. 8Lord, I love your temple. I love your glorious tent. 9Lord, don’t group me with those sinners. Don’t kill me with those murderers. 10Those people might cheat other people. They might take money to do bad things. 11But I am innocent. So, God, be kind to me and save me. 12I am safe from all dangers. Lord, I praise you as I stand among those who are calling your people to the assembly.

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