Psalm 29

1Sons of God, praise the Lord! Praise his glory and power. 2Praise the Lord and honor his name! Worship him in your special clothes. 3The Lord raises his voice at the sea. The voice of the glorious God is like thunder over the great ocean. 4The Lord’s voice shows his power. His voice shows his glory. 5The Lord’s voice breaks great cedar trees into little pieces. The Lord breaks the great cedar trees of Lebanon. 6The Lord shakes Lebanon. It looks like a young calf dancing. Sirion shakes. It looks like a young goat jumping. 7The Lord’s voice cuts ˻the air˼ with flashes of lightning. 8The Lord’s voice shakes the desert. Kadesh Desert trembles at the Lord’s voice. 9The Lord’s voice makes the deer afraid. The Lord destroys the forests. But in his palace, people sing of his glory. 10The Lord was the King during the flood. And the Lord will be the king forever. 11May the Lord protect his people. May the Lord bless his people with peace.

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