Psalm 3

1“Lord, I have many, many enemies. Many people have turned against me. 2Many people are talking about me. ˻Those people say,˼ ”God, won’t rescue him!” selah 3But, Lord, you are my shield. You are my Glory. Lord, you make me important! 4I will pray to the Lord. And he will answer me from his holy mountain! selah 5I can lie down and rest, and I know I will wake up. Why? Because the Lord covers and protects me! 6Thousands of soldiers might surround me. But I won’t be afraid of those enemies! 7Lord, get up! My God, come rescue me! ˻You are very strong!˼ If you hit my bad enemies on the cheek, you will break all their teeth. 8Lord, the victory is yours! Please be good to your people. selah

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