Psalm 4

1My good God, answer me when I pray to you! Hear my prayer and be kind to me! Give me some relief from all my troubles! 2People, how long will you say bad things about me? You people keep looking for new lies ˻to tell about me˼. You people love telling those lies. 3You know that the Lord listens to his good people. So the Lord hears me when I pray to him. 4˻If something is bothering you,˼ you can be angry, but don’t sin. Think about those things when you go to bed, and then relax. selah 5Give good sacrifices to God, and trust the Lord! 6Many people say, ”Who will show us ˻God’s˼ goodness? Lord, let us see your shining face!” 7Lord, you have made me very happy! I am happier now than at harvest time— when we celebrate because we have much grain and wine. 8I go to bed and sleep in peace. Why? Because, Lord, you lay me down to sleep in safety.

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