Psalm 40

1I called to the Lord, and he heard me. He heard my cries. 2The Lord lifted me out of the grave. He lifted me from that muddy place. He picked me up, put me on solid ground and kept my feet from slipping. 3The Lord put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to my God. Many people will see what happened to me, and they will worship God. They will trust the Lord. 4If a person trusts the Lord, that person will be truly happy. A person will be truly happy if he doesn’t turn to demons and false gods for help. 5Lord, our God, you have done many wonderful things! You have wonderful plans for us. No person could list them all! I will tell again and again about those things that are too many to count. 6Lord, you made me understand this: You don’t really want sacrifices and grain offerings. You don’t really want burnt offerings and sin offerings. 7So I said, “Here ˻I am! Take me.˼ I am coming. This was written about me in the book. 8My God, I want to do what you want. I know your teachings. 9I told the good news of victory to the people in the great assembly. And Lord, you know that I will never stop telling that good news! 10Lord, I told about the good things you did. I did not hide those things in my heart. Lord, I told people they can depend on you to save them. I did not hide your kindness and loyalty from the people in the assembly. 11So Lord, don’t hide your mercy from me! Let your kindness and loyalty protect me.” 12Evil people have gathered around me. They are too many to count! My sins have caught me, and I can’t escape them. They are more than the hairs on my head. I have lost my courage. 13Run to me, Lord, and save me! Lord, come quickly and help me! 14Those evil people are trying to kill me. Lord, make those people ashamed and disappointed. Those people want to hurt me. Let them run away in shame! 15Those bad people make fun of me. Let them be too embarrassed to speak! 16But let those people that come to you be happy and rejoice. They love being saved by you. So let them always say, ”Praise the Lord!” 17Master, I am only a poor, helpless man. Help me. Save me. My God, don’t be too late!

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