Psalm 45

1Beautiful words fill my mind as I write these things for the king. Words come from my tongue like words coming from a skilled writer’s pen. 2You are more handsome than anyone! You are a very good speaker. So God will bless you forever! 3Put your sword on. Put on your glorious uniform. 4You look wonderful! Go and win the fight for goodness and fairness. Your powerful right arm was trained to do amazing things. 5Your sharp arrows will go deep into the hearts of your enemies. People will fall to the ground in front of you. 6God, your throne continues forever! Goodness is your royal scepter. 7You love goodness and you hate evil. So God, your God, chose you to be king over your friends. 8Your clothes smell like the sweet spices myrrh, aloes, and cassia. From here in palaces decorated with ivory, comes music to entertain you. 9The bridesmaids are the daughters of kings. Your bride stands at your right side, wearing a crown of pure gold. 10My lady, listen to me. Listen carefully and you will understand. Forget your people and your father’s family, 11so the king will be pleased with your beauty. He will be your new husband. So you must honor him. 12Wealthy people from Tyre will bring gifts to you so they might meet with you. 13The princess in her gown made with threads of pure gold ˻is like a pearl in a gold setting˼. 14The bride in her beautiful clothes, is led to the king, her bridesmaids following behind her. 15They come filled with happiness. Filled with happiness, they enter the king’s palace. 16˻King,˼ your sons will rule after you. You will make them rulers throughout the land. 17I will make your name famous forever. People will praise you forever and ever!

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