Psalm 48

1The Lord is great. People praise him very much in the city of our God, ˻on˼ his holy mountain. 2God’s holy city is at such a pleasant altitude! It makes people around the world happy! Mount Zion is the true mountain of God. It is the city of the Great King. 3In the palaces of that city, God is known as the Fortress. 4One time, some kings met together. ˻They planned to attack this city˼. They all marched toward that city. 5But then those kings saw it, and they were amazed. They all panicked and ran away! 6Fear grabbed those kings. They shook with fear! 7˻God, you used˼ a strong east wind and wrecked their big ships. 8Yes, we heard the stories ˻about your power˼. But we also saw it, in the city of our God, the city of the Lord All-Powerful. God makes that city strong forever! 9God, in your temple we think carefully about your loving kindness. 10God, you are famous. People praise you everywhere on earth. Everyone knows how good you are. 11˻God,˼ Mount Zion is happy. The towns of Judah rejoice because of your good decisions. 12Walk around Zion. Look at the city. Count the towers. 13See the tall walls. Admire Zion’s palaces. Then you can tell the next generation about it. 14This God is our God forever and ever! He will lead us forever!

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