Psalm 50

1The Lord, the God of gods has spoken. He calls to all the people on earth, from the rising to the setting sun. 2God shining from Zion is absolutely beautiful! 3Our God is coming, and he will not keep quiet. Fire burns in front of him. There is a great storm around him. 4Our God calls to the earth and sky to ˻be witnesses as he˼ judges his people. 5˻God says,˼ ”My followers, gather around me. Come my worshipers, we made an agreement with each other.” 6God is the judge, and the skies tell about his goodness. 7God says, ”My people, listen to me! People of Israel, I will show my evidence against you. I am God, your God. 8I am not complaining about your sacrifices. You people of Israel bring me your burnt offerings all the time. You give them to me every day. 9I will not take bulls from your house. I will not take goats from your stalls. 10I don’t need those animals. I already own all the animals in the forest. I already own all the animals on thousands of mountains. 11I know every bird on the highest mountain. Every moving thing in the hills are mine. 12˻I am not hungry!˼ But if I were hungry, I would not have to ask you for food. I already own the world and everything on it. 13I don’t eat meat from bulls. I don’t drink blood from goats.” 14So bring your thank offerings ˻to share with the other worshipers˼ and come to be with God. You made promises to God Most High, so give him the things you promised. 15˻God says,˼ ”Call for me when you have troubles! I will help you. And then you can honor me.” 16God says to wicked people, ”You people talk about my laws. You talk about my Agreement. 17So why do you hate it when I correct you? Why do you ignore the things I say? 18You see a thief, and you run to join him. You jump into bed with people doing the sin of adultery. 19You people say bad things and tell lies. 20You constantly say bad things about other people, even your own brothers. 21You did these bad things, and I said nothing. So you thought that I was just like you. Well, I won’t be quiet any longer! I will make it very clear to you, and I will criticize you to your face! 22You people have forgotten God. So you had better understand before I tear you apart! If that happens, no person can save you! 23So if a person gives a thank offering, then he shows me honor. But if a person lives right, then I will show him my power to save.”

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