Psalm 52

1Big man, why do you brag about the bad things you do? You are a continual disgrace to God. 2You make foolish plans and your tongue is as dangerous as a sharp razor. You are always lying and trying to cheat people! 3You love evil more than goodness. You love lying more than telling the truth. selah 4You and your lying tongue love to hurt people. 5So God will ruin you forever! He will grab you and pull you from your home, like a person pulling a plant out of the ground, roots and all! 6Good people will see this and will learn to fear and respect God. They will laugh at you and say, 7“Look what happened to the man who did not depend on God. That man thought his wealth and lies would protect him.” 8But I am like a green olive tree growing in God’s temple. I will trust God’s true love forever and ever. 9God, I praise you forever for the things you have done. I will speak your name before your followers because it is so good!

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