Psalm 53

1Only a fool thinks there is no God. People like that are corrupt, evil, malicious, and they don’t do anything good. 2There really is a God in heaven watching over us. God is looking for wise people who are looking for God! 3But everyone has turned away from God. Every person is bad. No person does anything good. No, not one person! 4God says, ”Surely those evil people know the truth! But they don’t pray to me. Evil people are as ready to destroy my people as they are to eat food.” 5But those evil people will be scared, like they have never been scared before! Those evil people are Israel’s enemies. God has rejected those evil people. So God’s people will defeat them, and God will scatter the bones of those evil people. 6I wish someone ˻(God)˼ on Mount Zion would bring victory to Israel! At the time God brings his people back from exile. Jacob will rejoice. Israel will be very happy.

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