Psalm 55

1God, hear my prayer. Please don’t ignore my prayer for mercy. 2God, please listen to me and answer me. Let me speak to you and tell you what upsets me. 3My enemy said bad things to me. That wicked man yelled at me. My enemies were angry and attacked me. They brought troubles crashing down on top of me. 4My heart is pounding inside me. I am scared to death. 5I am scared and shaking. I am terrified. 6Oh, I wish I had wings like a dove. I would fly away and find a place to rest. 7I would go far, far away into the desert. 8I would run away. I would escape. I would run away from this storm of trouble. 9- 10My Master, stop their lies. I see the violence and fighting in this city. Day and night, in every neighborhood, the city is filled with crime and vandalism. 11There is too much crime in the streets. People are lying and cheating everywhere. 12If it were an enemy insulting me, I could bear it. If it were my enemies attacking me, I could hide. 13But it is you, my companion, my colleague, my friend. ˻You are giving me troubles.˼ 14We used to share our secrets with one another, as we walked through the crowds together in God’s temple. 15I wish death would take my enemies by surprise! I wish the earth would open up and swallow them alive! Why? Because they plan such terrible things together. 16I will call to God for help. And the Lord will answer me. 17I speak to God evening, morning, and noon. I tell him what upsets me, and he listens to me! 18I have fought in many battles. But God has always rescued me and brought me back safely. 19God listens to me. The Eternal King will help me. selah 20My enemies will not change their lives. They don’t fear and respect God. 21My enemies attack their own friends. They don’t do the things they agree to do. 22My enemies are really smooth talkers; they talk about peace, but they are really planning wars. Their words are as slick as oil, but those words cut like a knife. 23Give your worries to the Lord, and he will care for you. The Lord will never let good people be defeated. 24As your part of the agreement, God, send those liars and murderers to their grave before their life is half finished! As my part of the agreement, I will put my trust in you.

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