Psalm 56

1God, people have attacked me, so be merciful to me. They have been constantly chasing me and fighting me. 2My enemies attack me constantly. There are too many fighters to count. 3When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. 4I trust God, so I am not afraid of what people can do to me! I praise God for his promise to me. 5My enemies are always twisting my words. They are always making plans against me. 6They hide together and watch my every move, hoping for some way to kill me. 7God, send them away because of the bad things they did. Send them away to ╦╗suffer╦╝ the anger of foreign nations. 8You know I am very upset. You know how much I have cried. Surely you have kept an account of all my tears. 9So, defeat my enemies when I call to you for help. I know you can do it. You are God! 10I praise God for his promise. I praise the Lord for his promise to me. 11I trust God, so I am not afraid of what people can do to me! 12God, I made special promises to you. And I will do what I promised. I will give you my thank offering. 13Why? Because you saved me from death. You kept me from being defeated. So I will worship God in the light that only living people can see.

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