Psalm 57

1God, be merciful to me. Be kind because my soul trusts you. I have come to you for protection, while the trouble passes. 2I pray to God Most High for help. And God takes care of me completely! 3From heaven he helps me and saves me. He defeats the people who bother me. God shows his true love to me. 4My life is in danger. My enemies are all around me. They are like man-eating lions, with teeth as sharp as spears and arrows, and tongues as sharp as a sword. 5God, you are high above the heavens. Your glory covers the earth. 6My enemies set a trap for me. They are trying to trap me. They dug a deep pit for me to fall into. 7But God will keep me safe. He will keep me brave. I will sing praises to him. 8Wake up, my soul! Harps and lyres, begin your music! Let’s wake the Dawn. 9My Master, I praise you to everyone. I sing songs of praise about you to every nation. 10Your true love is higher than the highest clouds in the sky! 11God is more exalted than the heavens. His glory covers the earth.

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