Psalm 58

1You judges are not being fair in your decisions. You are not judging people fairly. 2No, you only think of evil things to do. You do violent crimes in this country. 3Those evil men started doing wrong as soon as they were born. They have been liars from birth. 4Their anger is as dangerous as snake venom. And, like cobras that can’t hear, they refuse to listen to the truth. 5Cobras can’t hear the music or songs of snake charmers. And those evil people are like that as they make their evil plans. 6Lord, those people are like lions. So Lord, break their teeth. 7May those people disappear like water down a drain. May they be crushed like weeds on a path. 8May they be like snails melting away as they move. May they be like a baby that was born dead and never saw the light of day. 9May they be destroyed quickly like thorns that burn too fast to heat the pot. 10A good man will be happy when he sees evil people punished for the bad things they did to him. He will be like a soldier who defeated all his enemies! 11When that happens, people will say: ”Good people really are rewarded. There really is a God judging the world!”

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