Psalm 6

1Lord, don’t correct me in anger. Don’t be angry and punish me. 2Lord, be kind to me. I am sick and weak. Heal me! My bones are shaking. 3My whole body is shaking. Lord, how long ˻until you heal me˼? 4Lord, come back and make me strong again! You are very kind, so save me. 5Dead people in their graves don’t remember you. People in the place of death don’t praise you. ˻So heal me!˼ 6Lord, all night I prayed to you. My bed is wet from my tears. Tears are dripping from my bed. I am weak from crying to you. 7My enemies have given me many troubles. This made me very sad with grief. Now my eyes are weak from crying. 8Go away you bad people! Why? Because the Lord heard my cries. 9The Lord heard my prayer. And the Lord accepted and answered my prayer. 10All my enemies will be upset and disappointed. Something will happen suddenly, and they will all leave in shame.

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