Psalm 60

1God, you were angry at us. You rejected us and destroyed us. Please make us whole again. 2You shook the earth and split it open. Our world is falling apart. Please fix it. 3You have given your people many troubles. We are like drunk people staggering and falling down. 4You warned the people who worship you. Now they can escape the enemy. 5Use your great power and save us! Answer my prayer and save the people you love! 6God spoke in his temple: It makes me very happy! ˻God said,˼ ˻I will share this land with my people.˼ I will give them Shechem. I will give them Succoth Valley. 7Gilead and Manasseh will be mine. Ephraim will be my helmet. Judah will be my royal scepter. 8Moab will be the bowl for washing my feet. Edom will be the slave who carries my sandals. I ˻will defeat˼ the Philistine people and shout about the victory!” 9- 10But God, you left us! You did not go with our army! So who will lead me into the strong, protected city? Who will lead me to fight against Edom? 11God, help us defeat our enemy! People can’t help us! 12Only God can make us strong. Only God can defeat our enemies!

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