Psalm 63

1God, you are my God. And I want you so much. My soul and my body thirst for you, like a dry, weary land with no water. 2Yes, I have seen you in your temple. I have seen your strength and glory. 3Your love is better than life. My lips praise you. 4Yes, I will praise you in my life. In your name, I lift my arms in prayer. 5I will be satisfied as if I had eaten the best foods. And with joyful lips my mouth will praise you. 6I will remember you while lying on my bed. I will remember you in the middle of the night. 7You really have helped me! I am happy that you protected me! 8My soul clings to you. And you hold my hand. 9Some people are trying to kill me. But they will be destroyed. They will go down to their graves. 10They will be killed with swords. Wild dogs will eat their dead bodies. 11But the king will be happy with his God. And the people who promised to obey him will praise God. Why? Because he defeated all those liars.

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