Psalm 64

1God, listen to me. My enemy threatened me. Protect my life from him! 2Protect me from the secret plans of my enemies. Hide me from those wicked people. 3They have told many bad lies about me. Their tongues are like sharp swords, their bitter words like arrows. 4Then suddenly, without fear, they shoot from their hiding places, at a simple, honest man. 5They encourage each other to do wrong. They talk about setting their traps. They tell each other, ”No one will see the traps!” 6They have hidden their traps. They are looking for victims. (People can be very tricky. It is hard to know what people are thinking.) 7But God can shoot his “arrows” too! And before they know it, the evil people are wounded. 8Evil people plan to do bad things to other people. But God can ˻ruin their plans,˼ and make those bad things happen to them. Then everyone that sees them will shake their heads in amazement. 9People will see what God has done. They will tell other people about him. Then everyone will learn more about God. They will learn to fear and respect him. 10A good person is happy ˻to serve˼ the Lord. He depends on God. And when good honest people ˻see what happens˼, they praise the Lord!

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