Psalm 66

1Everything on earth, shout with joy to God! 2Praise his glorious name! Honor him with songs of praise! 3Tell God how wonderful his works are! God, your power is very great! Your enemies bow down. They are afraid of you! 4Let the whole world worship you. Let everyone sing praises to your name. 5Look at the things God did! Those things amaze us. 6God made the sea become dry land. His happy people walked across the river. 7God rules the world with his great power. God watches people everywhere. No person can rebel against him. selah 8People, praise our God. Sing loud songs of praise to him. 9God gave us life. And God protects us. 10God tested us, like people test silver with fire. 11God, you let us be trapped. You put heavy burdens on us. 12You let our enemies walk on us. You dragged us through fire and water. But you brought us to a safe place. 13- 14So I will bring sacrifices to your temple. When I was in trouble, I asked you for help. I made many promises to you. Now, I am giving you the things that I promised. 15I am giving you sin offerings. I am giving you incense with the rams. I am giving you bulls and goats. selah 16All of you people worshiping God, come and I will tell you what God did for me. 17I prayed to him. I praised him. 18My heart was pure, so my Master listened to me. 19God listened to me. God heard my prayer. 20Praise God! God did not turn away from me— he listened to my prayer. God showed his love to me!

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