Psalm 7

1Lord my God, I trust you. Save me from the people who are chasing me. Rescue me! 2If you don’t help me, I will be like an animal caught by a lion. I will be carried away, with no one to save me! 3Lord my God, I did nothing wrong. I promise, I did nothing wrong! 4I did not do bad things to my friend. And I did not help my friend’s enemies. 5˻If that is not true, then punish me.˼ Let an enemy chase me, catch me, and kill me. Let him trample my life into the ground and push my soul into the dirt. 6Lord, get up and show your anger! My enemy is angry, so stand and fight against him. Lord, get up and demand fairness! 7Lord, judge the people. Gather the nations around you, 8and judge the people. Lord, judge me. Prove that I am right. Prove that I am innocent. 9Punish the bad people, and help the good people. God, you are good. And you can look into peoples’ hearts. 10God helps people with honest hearts. So God will protect me. 11God is a good judge. He speaks against evil all the time. 12If God makes a decision, he does not change his mind. 13God is prepared to punish bad people. 14Some people are always planning trouble. They make secret plans and tell lies. 15They try to trap and hurt other people. But they will be hurt in their own traps. 16They will receive the punishment they should get. They were cruel to other people. But they will get what they deserve. 17I praise the Lord because he is good. I praise the name of the Lord Most-High.

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